Terms of use

1. General Provisions

1.1. This Agreement defines the rules for the exchange of electronic payments provided by GrandChange.cc.

1.2. The online service is a special resource on the Internet with the help of which exchange operations are performed, called GrandChange.cc.

1.3. Clients are both individuals and legal organizations that have decided to become a client of GrandChange.cc.

1.4. In the future, in the text of this agreement, the User and GrandChange.cc will be referred to as Parties.

1.5. Both Parties have agreed that this document in electronic form has the same legal force as a document concluded in writing, which determines the interaction of the Parties, both a legal entity and an individual, with the GrandChange.cc service providing its services.

1.6. This document is a public agreement (contract) in which the User assumes all his obligations by submitting an appropriate online application for the provision of a certain type of service by the GrandChange.cc service.

2. Subject of the Agreement

2.1. GrandChange.cc offers a set of services described in clause 4 of this document, if the User fulfills the standard requirements described in clause 9 of this agreement. The rules for the provision of these services are governed by the internal order of the Online resource GrandChange.cc, which is given in clause 5 of this agreement.

2.2. After signing the Acceptance Certificate for the services provided by GrandChange.cc, the Client pays for these services, taking into account the requirements of this document.

3. Rights and obligations of the parties

3.1. The online service GrandChange.cc is obliged to:

3.1.1. According to the rules described in this agreement, convert electronic money using standard electronic payment systems in accordance with the current agreement;

3.1.2. As a result of the provision of services for currency exchange, provide the Client with both technical and informational assistance;

3.1.3. As a result of exchange operations, observe the protection of information about Clients and information about the time, amount of the transaction and other information and send them to the User at his request. Data on transactions carried out to transfer funds using different payment systems have the status of "confidential" and cannot be disclosed;

3.1.4. Do not disclose information about the services of exchange operations to third parties, except for the following cases:

  • in the presence of a valid court order, the location of which coincides with the location of GrandChange.cc;
  • upon receipt of a request from legislative bodies or financial monitoring organizations in the area of operation of GrandChange.cc;
  • upon receipt of relevant requests from partners of payment systems listed in this agreement.

3.1.5. Use data on discounts provided to the Client;

3.1.6. Upon receipt of a complaint from the User, transfer the required amount to his personal account or to the current account of the authorized person in accordance with paragraphs. 5, 5.4 and 5.6 of this agreement within 24 hours.

3.2. Obligations of the User:

3.2.1. Provide information about your personal data and indicate the details for transferring funds;

3.2.2. Provide a valid email address;

3.2.3. Organize by email, receive system notifications. Ensure the use of the Internet using stationary computer systems or other electronic devices. Install the current versions of the anti-virus program, which is required to work in the GrandChange.cc system in a protected mode;

3.2.4. Be guided by the requirements of this document;

3.2.5. In the event of a complete or partial violation in the transfer of the necessary funds to your account or the account of a trustee, inform the GrandChange.cc administration about it. Also report all violations in accordance with the requirements of paragraphs. 5.4, 5.5, 5.6 of this agreement. Notification of a violation of the deadlines for transfer transactions must go to the GrandChange.cc administration, no later than one month from the date of the deadline for the receipt of funds to the account. In case of violation of the terms for submitting the Notice, the disputed funds remain at the disposal of GrandChange.cc;

3.2.6. Comply with the requirements of the current legislation when performing a transfer operation;
3.2.7. Do not use various traffic markups.

3.3. The online service GrandChange.cc has the right to:

3.3.1. When upgrading or performing technical work, suspend the service for a while;

3.3.2. In the event that a request has come from partners of payment systems or a complaint is received from the User about illegal actions by third parties, suspend the operation until the reason for this complaint is clarified;

3.3.3. Provide discounts for their services at their discretion;

3.3.4. Set the amount of commission on exchange transactions;

3.3.5. Not provide the service to the Client without explaining the appropriate reason;

3.3.6. If an error occurs during the execution of a service related to the exchange, request from the User the necessary information about such an operation, using the necessary communication resources such as e-mail, mobile communications, screenshots of the erroneous operation, etc.;

3.3.7. In case of violation by the User of ethics of behavior, stop all interaction with him, including if questions are asked not on the topic of the operation and the necessary data is not provided to the support service;

3.3.8. Suspend the operation of the exchange of funds, referring to paragraphs. 5.4, 5.5, 5.6 of this Agreement and its Regulations;

3.3.9. If it is impossible to identify the User, stop performing the exchange of funds and do not refund such funds until his identity is clarified;
3.3.10. If the User fails to fulfill his obligations in accordance with the requirements of clause 3.2.7 of this Agreement, block it, including the corresponding source of transitions or a generator;

3.3.11. In case of illegal enrichment of the User with funds when performing an exchange operation in the GrandChange.cc system or in other exchange services, block the operation and stop executing the application until all the circumstances of the case are clarified, including not refunding the illegally received funds.

4. Services provided by GrandChange.cc

4.1. GrandChange.cc provides services for transferring electronic money through payment systems and banks indicated on the website;

4.2. GrandChange.cc is not obliged to verify the User about the legal origin of funds when performing an exchange operation.

5. Exchange operation regulations

5.1. The exchange operation begins immediately after the receipt of electronic money from the Client. If, after receiving an application from the Client, funds from him will not be received within twenty minutes, then this application is suspended by the GrandChange.cc service. Further, if the funds are received in more than twenty minutes, for example, for a cryptocurrency it is ninety minutes, then the application will be executed taking into account the exchange rate in effect during the period of receipt of money from the User.

5.2. The exchange operation is considered completed when funds are fully credited to the Client"s current account.

5.3. After the start of the transaction, the Client is no longer able to suspend it.

5.4. In the event that the amount received from the Client for the exchange operation does not coincide with the one specified in the application, the GrandChange.cc administration suspends the service. In the future, as a result of the User sending an appeal in accordance with clause 3.2.5 of this document, resume the operation to pay the appropriate funds, taking into account the rate that was in effect at the beginning of the operation.

5.5. In the event that the User has specified incorrect or invalid bank account details, the electronic money exchange operation is stopped. Refunds occur after the User submits an appeal in accordance with the requirements of clause 3.2.5 of this Agreement. From the amount of the returned funds, a commission is paid for the transaction and a penalty at the rate of 2% of the total transaction amount.

5.6. If the User changes the notes to the payment being made or makes a payment from someone else"s account, such a transaction is blocked. A refund as a result of such an operation occurs after the User submits a request in accordance with clause 3.2.5 of this Agreement, minus a commission equal to 1% of the total transaction amount.

5.7. If the exchange operation is carried out using the bitcoin cryptocurrency, then the timing of such an operation depends on the operating conditions of the Bitcoin service. Such a transaction can last at least fifteen minutes and last up to 2-3 days, depending on the state of the load of the Bitcoin service. GrandChange.cc cannot be held responsible for the duration of currency exchange transactions in the Bitcoin system.

6. Responsibility of the Parties and their guarantees

6.1. For incorrect actions when the User works in the GrandChange.cc system or incorrectly filling out an application for an exchange of funds and possible inaccuracies in it, the administration of the service resource does not bear any responsibility, including refunds, and the service is not canceled if money credited to the account with the wrong details.

6.2. The GrandChange.cc administration is not responsible for the damage and material losses caused by the User, as a result of which it became impossible to use the equipment or its individual parts.

6.3. GrandChange.cc is not responsible for the operation of payment systems and banks that have caused delays or errors in making payments.

6.4. GrandChange.cc is not responsible for losses incurred by the User, for lost profits, as well as other costs that have arisen as a result of his misunderstanding of the prices and tariffs for the service, as well as other subjective factors.

6.5. GrandChange.cc is not responsible for losses incurred as a result of mistakes, as well as delays in the implementation of electronic transactions and payments.

6.6. The user confirms the legality of exchange operations and that he is the owner of the funds involved in transactions on legal grounds.

6.7. In the event of losses incurred while working with the service, direct or indirect, the User guarantees their compensation.

7. Conditions for changing information

7.1. The administration of GrandChange.cc reserves the right to change and supplement the terms of this Agreement at any time. The new service rules come into effect from the moment they are posted on the online resource.

8. Force majeure circumstances

8.1. In the event of actions beyond the control of the Parties and which cannot be changed due to their force majeure, they are completely released from obligations to fulfill the terms of this Agreement, including the occurrence of natural disasters, terrorist actions, fires and wars, as well as hacker attacks, mass riots, etc. The nature of the irresistible force also has a failure in the operation of power supply, the lack of Internet connection and other reasons beyond the control of the Parties.

9. Mandatory conditions for conducting exchange operations

9.1. It is forbidden to use GrandChange.cc to carry out illegal and deceptive actions. The user agrees that for carrying out any illegal operation or action, a sanction will be applied to him in accordance with the law in force in the country where this illegal operation was committed.

9.2. In accordance with the requests of legislative bodies, partners of other payment systems or parties whose rights have been violated, GrandChange.cc has the right to provide them with data on the conduct of actions in violation of the law, if their illegality is proven.

9.3. The exchange service is considered complete if the User has withdrawn funds from the electronic wallet in full, while he is personally responsible for the legal source of their origin. GrandChange.cc is not obliged to verify the legitimacy of the source of receipt of electronic funds.

9.4. The GrandChange.cc administration is not responsible for carrying out actions for the exchange of electronic money by the User"s authorized representatives.

9.5. After confirming his actions "I agree with the exchange rules", the User assumes all obligations under this Agreement.