Affiliate program GrandChange

The online cryptocurrency exchange service GrandChange offers all users an affiliate program (referral program). The affiliate program of our service has two levels. The user earns not only on the exchanges of the users brought by him, but also on the exchanges of the referrals of his referrals. Each referral is assigned to a partner forever. Throughout the period of referral exchanges, the partner receives his reward. The GrandChange service values its reputation and does not nullify referrals in terms of attracted users. The service does not limit the ways of attracting traffic, but prohibits the use of fraudulent schemes, SPAM and any other formats that are prohibited by netiquette or country laws.

Attention! Accruals are not made for applications that were not fulfilled or paid by referrals.

level   0,6%

from the profit of the service from applications submitted by referrals of the first level. These include system participants who were personally invited by the user.

level   0,2%

from the service’s profit from applications submitted by second-level referrals. These include system participants who were invited by referrals of a specific user.

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Cumulative discount system

The GrandChange service values its loyal customers. To constantly encourage users and develop long-term fruitful cooperation, the system provides a cumulative system of discounts for exchanges. Any exchange of any volume becomes part of the user"s accumulation on the way to a new level of discounts.

Registration on our site implies that the user wants to become a regular customer of the service and after this step he receives a 0.05% discount on subsequent exchanges. Important: in order for all your exchanges to be taken into account in the discount accumulation system, do not forget to log in to the site before starting each exchange.

The discount applies to the entire volume of the exchange. Let"s say you make an exchange in the amount of 100,000 rubles, with a discount level of 0.05%, you get a saving of 50 rubles.

It is also worth knowing that the discount is not credited for those exchanges that are negative for the GrandChange service.

Make as many exchanges as possible on the GrandChange website and increase the discount.

On the right, you can see a table for calculating the level of discount percentages relative to the user"s exchange volumes. All volumes of exchanges are calculated in US dollars.

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Cumulative discount system
From Before Discount
0 300 0.05%
300 500 0.06%
500 1000 0.07%
1000 2000 0.08%
2000 3000 0.09%
3000 5000 0.10%
5000 10000 0.11%
10000 20000 0.12%
20000 40000 0.15%
40000 0.20%

* The accumulative system is calculated in US dollars