Hotbit crypto exchange was hacked - clients personal data at risk

At the end of April, the Hotbit exchange suffered from a hacker attack, but, nevertheless, its management said that the personal data of customers had not been leaked. Immediately after the incident, the exchange suspended all functionality in order to check how far the hackers could go. Tentatively, the platform will resume its activities in full in 1-2 weeks, when it is sure that everything is in order and nothing threatens the system.

The hacking attempt was stopped at the moment when hackers crept to users wallets. But since they did not manage to hack the system completely, the users cryptocurrency assets, which were stored at that moment on their wallets, remained intact. When the hackers realized that they would not be able to withdraw the money, they liquidated the database. All user information has been removed from the server. However, the management of the exchange claims that it will be able to restore the base as soon as the specialists determine exactly when it was damaged. If suddenly a backup was made after the damage, then the data was restored incorrectly, and the work of programmers will be required to completely restore all the information. In any case, it is planned to complete all work on the site in 1-2 weeks and prepare the site for inclusion in the work. Recall that the exchange has about 2 million clients, so recovery will take time. In addition, the security system will need to be strengthened to prevent a new attack.
After the exchange starts working, it is advisable for all clients to change the password and login that are used to enter the site. However, if the user worked with two-factor identification, nothing threatens his passwords, since this data is securely encrypted, as Hotbit claims.

If at the time of the shutdown of the exchange, clients had buy or sell orders placed on the exchange, they will be automatically rejected, and the funds will be returned to the wallet. If the user received payments for investments, their order will be restored after the entire technical part is checked.

However, some users express their suspicions on social networks about the exchanges behavior. In particular, even before the announcement of the attack on the exchange, technical work was carried out, and immediately at the time of the hack, Shiba Coin tokens were withdrawn in large volumes from the platform.

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